Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Generator excitation system

Star Automations is Global service Provider for power control devices and expert in the field of generator Excitation Control Systems and Retrofits.

We understand synchronous motor field & generator exciter design and maintenance issues.

We can offer you a service solution that will meet all your service needs. Our service engineers are factory trained to work on several digital excitation systems.

Upgrade existing voltage regulator systems (AVR/SES) with Kinetics brushless excitation stand-alone controls. A complete new system can be designed with integrate new Kinetics brushless excitation systems and accessories into an existing cabinet.

Design and supplies

·         SCR Exciter Regulators

·         Line Regulated Diode Rectifiers through 2000KW

·         SCR Regulated Rectifiers through 2000KW

·         Synchronous Generator Excitation Systems

·         Industrial DC power supplies

·         DC substations

·         Dry type transformers

·         Magnet Power Supplies

·         Fuseless Flux Forcing Magnet Rectifiers

·         Elevator Power Rectifiers

·         Crane Power Supplies

·         Third Rail Powered Emergency Motor Generator Systems

·         Protection and control

Expert troubleshooting, Repair, service and retrofit for aging synchronous motor excitation systems.
We provide field services to the electric utility and related industries on virtually all makes and models of generator excitation systems.

·         Routine Maintenance

·         Troubleshooting and repair

·         Installation and Replacements

·         Upgrades
·         Startup /Tuning

Market and Industry we serve: Power, Nuclear, oil and gas, refiner, petrochemical, Marine and Shipyard ,Airport ,Fossil-fuel, Hydro-electric, hydro power plants , water utility, Mining, fertilizer, Cement ,paper ,steel ,Glass , Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and chemical , etc ..,

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