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Dorna servo
1. summary,
Vertical pendulum machine is in the domestic market, since the mechanical transmission shaft to use the servo motor, greatly reduce the mechanical transmission process in the position deviation, the product can accurately transmitted to designated location. It also has from the machine operation manual and ensure safety, improve working conditions, etc.
2. the introduction of technology
Put box machines by computer systems, servo system, put the box three parts. Its working principle: by using computer systems to send command pulse servo driver, servo drive motor control according to the instructions pulse, the box to designated location. The basic process: the work from incoming sucker, in mouth draw a box on the X axis line, servo motor drive to the other side, the X axis in servo motor driven by Y Y axis line to the box designated spot.
3. components equipment
Put box machines by computer systems, servo drive, servo motor, main machine etc. A computer system, the design of the main trajectory, and the trajectory in pulse form sent to drive. B: main servo system, the computer system to send over into the pulse of the motor drive with power signals (pulse sequence), C, put the box by mouth from incoming sucker into a box from the X axis and servo motor drive to the other side, the X axis in the Y axis motor drives the Y axis line box to the appointed place.
4. line (CN2) with servo parameter Settings. Hookup
1) and control (CN2) hook:
2) parameters Settings:
P4 = 0, 0 (control); the position control:
P9 = 3 (motor model selection, this parameter is different in different motor, 3:60 motor (2million),
P11 = 30 (position loop gain, scope of 500-8000),
P14 = 8 (speed loop gain, scope of 500-8000),
P15 = 2000 (speed loop integral time constant, the scope of 500-8000),
P38 = 1250 (current loop gain, scope of 500-8000),
P27 = 1 (input pulses, used to take the logic change direction and scope of motor 0/1),
P64 = 64 (that can make choices: 0: signal is given by the system can signal
64: make can signal is given by the driver),
P81 = 10/15 (instantaneous overload multiples, motor range 0 ~ 300),
P82 = 50 (instantaneous overload time, range motor 0 ~ 5000),
5. commissioning and matters needing attention
1), commissioning procedures:
A properly connected motor, power lines (U, V, W), encoder line (CN3), power (L1 and L2, r., and s., T), good control (CN2),
B, run the motor speed, see whether correct direction of motor (PA26 by adjusting the parameters, PA27 to change direction of motor),
C, according to the requirements set good servo drive electronic gear ratio (PA31 / PA32),
D, complete the following steps to run the motor, and see whether normal voice, electric motor meets the rigidity and response time, By adjusting the position: (ring, PA12, PA13 PA11 parameters; speed loop PA15 PA14 parameters, PA38 parameters; current loop, PA41).
E, adjust and look after the operation, the operation is to satisfy the customer requirement, if not satisfied, repeat steps until the D to meet customer requirements.
2), note:
A power line, U, V (W), when receiving one-to-one correspondence, must U, V, W terminal. Can U, V, by changing the sequence to change motor W, can adjust to the change by motor parameters.
B, connect line (CN2), must have end up shield. To avoid the interference of control signals.
C, wiring must be reasonable, ac/dc power supply should strictly separate control, power lines and motor, power strictly separate.
Results: 3),
After the operation, can be very good to meet customer requirements, motor voice sounds good, good performance, response to customer requirements. Customer satisfaction is the switch after.
6, fault and eliminating methods
1), fault: a PC to signal motor driver ran, appear 09 alarm,
Method: check the motor power line (U, V, W) sequence is faulty, check (PA9 drive motor model selection) is set correctly.
2), fault: 27 alarm
Method: check motor encoder line (CN3) is loose. After trying. Fixed
3), fault: PC send pulse, motor is not running
Methods: check out of control (CN2) signal, check whether PA64 servo drive, and see whether correctly set inside the drive to PA64 (= 64) can, PC can make PA64 (= 0).
4), fault: the operation process; alarm 01,
Method: overload protection, see P81 (instantaneous overload multiples) is set too low. Can the P81 high relative.
7. summarizes
This place was fully integrated box machines can EPS2 series of the servo positioning precision, fast response and setting time is short, smooth operation and motor voice small etc. To meet the customer's request to put box machines, enable customers to achieve maximum satisfaction. This equipment to customers fully demonstrated the advantage, the server can also improve the pendulum box machines to compete in the marketplace.

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  1. Please how to turn on my ServoMotor Dorna model 80DNMA1-0D75.

    thanks you very much.

  2. Please how to turn on my ServoMotor Dorna model 80DNMA1-0D75.

    thanks you very much.