Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Star Automation is one of the leading Sales, support, Authorized service Provider of yaskawa Automation Product.

The VARISPEED-656DC5 (hereinafter referred to as VS-656DC5) is a sine wave PWM transistor converter with a power regenerating function.
The VS-656DC5 is the result of our intensive search for an easy-to-use but yet effective converter. Besides the effective use of regenerative energy and protective measures against harmonics from the power supply, the VS-656DC5 is compact and lightweight. It comes in a wide selection of models to choose from with new functions so that you can monitor the operation status and any failures with a JVOP-130 digital operator. You can depend on the VS-656DC5 to solve all of your inverter drive problems.

CIMR-D5A2022  -
Three-phase 400V
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