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Electrical Formulas,Electrical Symbol,Unit Name,Electrical Formulas and Unit Name,Electrical Unit Symbol,Electrical Quantities,

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Electrical Quantities
Quantity Symbol Unit Name Unit Symbol
Electromotive force E, e* Volt V
Potential difference V, v* Volt V
Current I, i* Ampere A
Magnetic flux F Weber Weber
Frequency f Hertz Hz
Flux linkage ? Weber-turns -
Resistance R Ohm O
Inductance L Henry H
Capacitance C Farad F
Impedance Z Ohm O
Reactance X Ohm O
Power,dc,or active P Watt W
Power, reactive Q Volt-ampere reactive VAr, var
Power, total or apparent S Volt-ampere VA
Power factor angle ? - °, deg.
Angular velocity ? Radians per second rads-1
Rotational velocity n Revolutions per second s-1 ,rev s-1
    Revolutions per minute min-1, rpm
Efficiency ? -  
Number of pairs of poles p -  
* Capital and small letters designate rms and instantaneous value respectively

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