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Panasonic MLDET2310P AC Servo


Panasonic MLDET2310P

Panasonic MINAS E-Series is a unit of an AC servo motor and driver with downsized capability and performance that are useful for positioning of a motor whose capacity is small from 50W to 400W. By adopting 2500 P/r incremental encoder with velocity response frequency of approximately 400Hz and 5 wires, we could omit wiring. The equipment includes real time auto tuning and enables automatic setting of complicated gain tuning.

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Product Name:  AC Servo driver
Part No      :  MLDET2310P
Manufacturer:  Panasonic
Input Power Supply:  Single phase-200V
Application Positioning Type:  NA
Output (W):    400w
Key Features:
    Speed response frequency 400Hz
    Incremental encoder (2500p/r)
    Vibration control
    Real-time auto tuning
    Position and velocity control
    Pulse command Input
    Position, velocity and torque control
    Great stepper replacement

Other Information 
    Delivery Time: Immediate

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