Friday, June 8, 2012

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Star Automations is an authorized servo motor repair facility for many servo motor brands.
Star automatons offers the fastest turn around times available for servo motor repair.
We Have dedicated Servo Motor repair facility
We have expertise to repair all types and makes of servo motors including DC and AC servo motors, spindle and stepper motors.

Star Automation will meet all of your needs for the repair of your servo Drives and motors.
Magnet Broken
Broken Shaft
Circuit Board Repair
Connector Damage
Commutator Machining
Damaged Stator
Encoder Repair
Electronics Repair
Faulty Bearings
Low Torque Output Repair
New Rotor Installation
Resolver Rewind
Stator Repair
Rotor Machining
Shaft Machining
Tacho Repair
Weak Magnets Repair
& More

Load Test

  • We test windings at full nameplate current to be sure they won't breakdown under load.
  • We test magnet strength.
  • We use an oscilloscope to check the wave pattern of motor windings while under load test.
  • Star's equipment lets us simulate actual running conditions to ensure that motor windings, winding insulation and magnetism in the rotor and the power/feedback plugs will withstand motor currents.
Repair Service Offered
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We service, repair, replace,Exchange, built, rebuild, regrind, recondition, refurbish, re manufacture, retrofit and overhaul all  servo motor and  Servo Amplifier.

Servo system  upgrade 

If your servo drive, servo motor and Controller(any make) is obsolete?
We are Upgrades New series Panasonic servo drives & servo motors and Exchange your old servo drive and motor with 18 months warranty.

For any other related information feel free to contact us.

most of our standard items are available ex-stock
for any other related information feel free to contact us.
M:+91 9786622233

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