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Star Automations is one of the leading Supplier,support,service Provider  of Panasonic industrial Automation Product.

Star automations specializes in development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality low-cost motion control products. 

Panasonic e series servo motor

We offer Panasonic Servo system - E - series

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Product Name:   ACServo System

Part No      :  MUMA042P1S

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Brake    : Withoutbrake

Encoder Resolution: 25OOP/R - 17-BIT Incremental

Inertia Ratio (x 10-4 kg. m2):   0.17

Frame Size:          L

Rated Torque (Nm):    1.3nm --- 3.8nm

Rated Speed (RPM): 3000

Input Power Supply: Single phase

Application Positioning Type:   NA

Application Driver Standard Type:    MLDET2310P/MLDET2510P

Output (W):        400w

  • Ensures smoother operation and reduced vibration while maintaining position as well as accurate positioning within a short setting time.
  • Low clogging torque:
    We have achieved the industry's lowest clogging* by utilizing a new 10-pole rotor design and a magnetic field parsing technique. Positioning and stability are greatly improved with the result of minimal torque variation. This results in improved speed stability and positioning.
  • Highly functional real-time auto-gain tuning
    incorporates the industry's quickest high-performance real-time auto-gain tuning featuring simple setup. After installation, tuning will be completed automatically after few operations.
Manual / auto notch and damping filters :
  • These filters will automatically detect vibration and provide simple auto-setting. These filters greatly reduce noise and vibration.
  • 2.0 kHz frequency response :
    Achieves the industry’s fastest frequency response of 2.0 kHz*. This allows a highly advanced system to be created that achieves the industry’s fastest speed and positioning response.


1. Bender
2. Semi-conductor production equipment
3. Packing machines
4. SMT machines
5. Food Machines
6. LCD production equipment
7. Conveyors
8. Robots
9. Machine tool
10. Conveyors
11. Robots
12. Textile machines
13. Conveyors

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