Sunday, May 27, 2012

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A1000 Series With Crane Control Software

L&T introduces A1000, a high performance vector drive with crane control software.

Cranes and Hoists - The fulcrum of material handling

L&T understands the pivotal role played by cranes and hoists in material handling. Correct selection
and successful installation of the crane controls is crucial to this long term investment. Low
maintenance, precision-positioning, minimum jerks, anti-sway movements, correct load sharing
are some of the expectations from a crane during material handling.

Introducing A1000 Drives with specially embedded CRANE Control Software that achieves
safe operation with advanced and precise brake & torque control in applications like EOT
Crane, Grab Crane, Tandem Crane and Ladle Crane.

L&T A1000 Drive with its latest vector control technology is capable of delivering higher order
performance to meet customer expectations. A1000, not only performs but is aesthetically superiorand incredibly powerful. A truly reliable product to address future requirements & current needs,
from the house of L&T.
• Motor Drive performance leading the pack
– Uses most advanced drive technology to run induction and synchronous motors
– Positioning accuracy without use of external sensors
– Excellent torque characteristics
– Loaded with new auto-tuning features
– Tackles power loss
• Easy to install & delivers longer life
– Easy setup with application presets
– Open to all serial network protocols
– Easy to maintain
• The Drive for a greener world
– Saves energy
– Environment friendly

We can provide special Wholesale price and fast delivery for Yaskawa L1000 inverter drives as follow  

CIMR-AD4A0002FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 0.4kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0004FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 0.75kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0005FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 1.5kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0007FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 2.2 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0011FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 3.7 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0018FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 5.5 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0023FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 7.5 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0031FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 11 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0038FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 15 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0044FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 18.5 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0058AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 22 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0072AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 30 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0088AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 37 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0103AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 45 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0139AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 55 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0165AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 75 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0208AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 90 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0250AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 110 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0296AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 132 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0362AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 160 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0414AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 185 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0515AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 220 kW For Crane Control
CIMR-AD4A0675AMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 315 kW For Crane Control

If you are looking for Yaskawa make A1000 drives, please contact us.  We will do our best to help you find the Crane Drives that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible.

Most of our standard Items are available Ex-Stock
 we can provide Third Party Services all over world.

For any other related information feel free to contact us.

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  1. I need your CIMR-AD4A0018FMA-C, A1000 VVVF Drive 5.5 kW For Crane Control so plz send price