Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yaskawa Digital Ac drives, Digital Ac drives, Digital Ac drive,

Digital Ac  drive
Star Automation is a global services company offering  custom design and manufacturing of variable frequency drive system, PLC Controller for electrical, electronic and communication control panels and PLC programming, HMI programming, CADA, DCS programming, servo programming ,Automation integration .

Yaskawa  Digital Ac  drives
  • Adjustable S-curves for acceleration and deceleration
  • DC injection braking at start or stop
  • Power loss ride-through for protection against momentary power loss / under voltage
  • Volts / Frequency ratio: fully adjustable
  • Drive efficiency: 96 to 98%
  • Suitable for induction & PM motor
  • Designed for 10 years of performance life
  • Rated for 50°C without deration
  • Unique maintenance monitor functions
  • Intelligent detachable control terminals
  • Application presets for general applications
Application specific drives  
      • A1000 drive for crane application with precise brake and torque control
      • L1000A drive for elevator application which fulfills all elevator specific requirements
  • Multi speed settings with jog settings
  • Many protective features like torque limit, heat-sink overheat, current limiting DC bus fuse, motor overload protection, single phasing protection etc.
      • A1000 : 0.4 kW – 630 kW
      • A1000 for Cranes : 0.4 kW – 630 kW
      • V1000 : 0.4 kW – 18.5 kW
      • J1000 : 0.4 kW – 5.5 kW
      • L1000A : 1.5 kW – 110 kW
      • DC5 : 20 kW – 370 kW
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