Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Star Automations is one of the leading Supplier,support,service Provider  of Vacon industrial Automation Product.
We are specialized in providing technical solutions and consultancy for these products. 

Multipurpose AC drives
Vacon's multipurpose variable speed AC drives are designed for continuous heavy use with more features and high flexibility. Designed to the highest standards with a full range of enclosures for all environments, they offer robust and reliable operation for years.

Vacon NXL Vacon 500X Vacon NXS & NXS standalone
0.37 - 30 kW 4 - 132 kW 200 - 560 kW
Vacon 100 HVAC Vacon 100 Motor Mountable
0.55 - 160 kW 1.1 - 30 kW
  • The Vacon 100 HVAC is an AC drive in the power range of 0.55-160 kW and for supply voltages of 208-480, dedicated to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The Vacon 100 HVAC is suitable for pump, fan and compressor applications.
    Read more about the Vacon 100 HVAC
  • The Vacon 100 Motor Mountable drive is a tough drive for applications requiring a control as smooth as silk. With high advanced control capability and built-in harmonic filtering chokes, it is the ideal solution for a large variety of applications.
    Read more about the Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drives.
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