Tuesday, May 8, 2012

industrial PLC,electronic and communication control panels, PLC programming, HMI programming, CADA, DCS programming

Star Automations is a global services company offering custom design and manufacturing of Logic controller for electrical, electronic and communication control panels and PLC programming, HMI programming, CADA, DCS programming, servo programming ,Automation integration.
Manufactures of motion control panels, PLC control panels, scada based control systems, automation control panels, A/C drives panels, DC drives panel, MCC panels.

Following are our recent projects:
PLC based wind mill control panels
Pick and Place Automation
convert lathe to cnc
cnc plasma cutting systems
Spring Coiling Machine
Wireless weighing monitoring systems
Wireless SCADA systems
Refurbishing of imported machines
Robotics Systems
Data acquisition and motion

Design and wired as per customer requirment.
Suttable for remote control operation
Manufactures of-
PLC Panels
SCADA base Panels
AC Drive Panels
Instrumentation Panels
M.C.C/P.C.C Panels
Custam Built OEM Panels, Industrial Panel,
Motor control panel
Built with high quality switch gear and Automation component.Design with proper cooling arrangement.The panels are manufactured to meet the various industrial requirements.

Please call or email to get more information about our capabilities.
PLC system upgrade

 If your Logic board and PLC  is obsolete or not support OEM?

We Upgrades New series Delta PLC and Exchange your old PLC with 18 months warranty.

 If you are looking for plc automation, please contact us.  We will do our best to help you find the Delta PLC that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible.

For any other related information feel free to contact us.

Please call or email to get more information about our capabilities.

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