Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Panasonic servo  motor
High performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed.

We have all series Panasonic servo motors 

 MINAS A5 servo drives
    * Ultra-high response frequency: 2kHz and width
    * Command input and pulse output: up to 4Mpps
    * Real-time auto-gain tuning
    * 4 notch filters: manual/auto
    * 4 damping filters: manual/auto
    * PANATERM V5.0 software upgrade with motion simulation
    * STO safety function complies with European standards
    * Low interference

MINAS A5E servo drives

    * High performance (same as MINAS A5 standard drives)

    * Multifunctional (same as MINAS A5 standard drives)

    * Attractive price-performance ratio

    * Designed exclusively for positioning control

MINAS A4-Servo drives
Output : 50W to 7.5kW
Motor type : Super low inertia, Low inertia, Middle inertia, High inertia

Position, speed, torque and full-closed control

Easy-to-use servo gain-tuning with "Real-time auto tuning"
 Less vibration with "Vibration suppression filter"
Position command pulse 2Mpps
 Global standard (CE/UL) rated, IP65 rated

MINAS A4P Servo Drives
 Output : 50W to 5.0kW
Preset positioning points up to 60  A target can be positioned by teaching

MINAS A4F Servo Drives
 Output : 50W to 7.5kW
 Position command pulse 4Mpps

MINAS A4N Servo Drives  High-Speed Network
Realtime Express

MINAS E-Series
Output : 50W to 400W

MINAS AIII Servo drives
MINAS A Servo Drives MINAS S Servo drives 
MSD,DV series

1. Bender
2. Semi-conductor production equipment
3. Packing machines
4. SMT machines
5. Food Machines
6. LCD production equipment
7. Conveyors
8. Robots
9. Machine tool
10. Conveyors
11. Robots
12. Textile machines
13. Conveyors

 Servo systems upgrade

 If your servo drives, servo motor and Controller (any make) is obsolete?

We are Upgrades New series Panasonic servo drives & servo motors and Exchange your old servo drive and motor with 18 months warranty.

  If you are looking for Panasonic Servo Drive and motor, please call us .we will do our best to help you find the Panasonic MINAS Servo Drives that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible.

 We service,repair, replace, built, rebuild, regrind, recondition, refurbish, re manufacture, retrofit and overhaul all  servo drive and motor.

Please call or email to get more information about our capabilities.

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