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We can provide special Wholesale price and fast delivery for Panasonic Servo Motor and servo driver. We can offer special price and fast delivery for Panasonic Servo as follow

Panasonic mians a5 servo motor

The latest panasonic servo series minas a5, 

panasonic minas a5 series servos provide high performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed.

key features: 

  • 20 bits/revolution, 1. 04 million pulses
  • low cogging torque
  • highly functional real-time auto-gain tuning
  • manual/auto notch and damping filters
  • 2. 0 khz frequency response
  • ip67 enclosure rating for increased environmental resistance


product name :  ac servo motor

partno           :  mhmd042g1u

manufacturer     :     panasonic

output (w):      400w 

brake      :   without brake

encoder resolution:       20-bit incremental

inertia ratio (x 10-4 kg . M2): 0. 67

frame size:   b

rated torque (nm):  1. 3

rated speed (rpm):    3000

input power supply:    single phase/3-phase 200v

application positioning type:       na

application driver standard type:  mbddt2210

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