Sunday, May 27, 2012

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1. Answering Market Demands with A1000
Yaskawa predicts continued market expansion with the growing need for more energy efficient production in addition to the already present demand for variable-speed drives. Market demands have moved increasingly towards greater energy conservation and even more compact installations. This is evident in the recent employment of synchronous motors to HVAC systems, and for the first time, high performance drives to fan and pump applications. These trends have led to greater demands for inverter drives that are capable of controlling synchronous motors as well as high performance operation and functionality.

In response to the industry, Yaskawa has stepped ahead of the competition by launching the third edition to its 1000 Series, high performance vector control A1000. Referred to as Yaskawa's "Ace Drive", A1000 handles not only induction motors, but the same drive also runs permanent magnet motors. The 1000 Series product line is loaded with cutting-edge functionality and powerful cost performance to answer market demands.
2. A1000 Features
(1)Outstanding Motor Drive Functionality
High performance vector control lets A1000 get 200% torque at 0 Hz from an IPM motor-- without sensors or motor feedback. A1000 handles standard motors with ease as well, ensuring starting torque of 200% at just 0.3 Hz, again without the use of sensors or motor feedback.

(2)The Drive for a Greener World
Combining the performance of a synchronous motor with Yaskawa's Energy-Saving control lets the user take advantage of tremendous efficiency and cost reduction. A1000 joins the movement for a greener world by cutting CO2 emissions through high efficiency performance.

(3)Transforming the Entire Application
As the smallest drive in its class*, A1000 can be combined with a synchronous motor for an incredibly compact installation.
*50% smaller than our previous product line.

3. Main Applications
A1000 is designed to handle a wide range of applications, including:
-Hoists, cranes, etc.
-Extruders, mold injectors
-Presses and other machine tooling
-Mixers, separators, grinders, other rotational applications
-Conveyors and other material transport
-Fan, supply pumps, hydraulic pumps, etc.

4. Sales and Availability
(1) A1000 Models and Sizes
200 V class, 3-phase 0.75/0.4 to 110 kW: 20 models
400 V class, 3-phase 0.75/0.4 to 630 kW: 26 models

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